M5316 Meridian Centrex phone Aastra 5316 telephone Changing the Date and Time on Meridian M5316 or M5216 Systems Time and date programming allows you to set the time and date that is shown on the display when a telephone is not in use. M5316 Meridian Centrex Telephone. The M5316 is the ideal set for busy professionals who conduct much of their business by phone.

Nortel M5316 User Guide As with any clock, this needs to be set every time your office has a power failure and when you change between Daylht Savings and Standard Time. Introduction. The M5316 Meridian Business Set is a practical and convenient way to use a wide range of business telephone features, including . Forward.

Meridian 5316 User Guide - Computing & Handset allows two-way communication while a is established. Speaker turns on when you press an available line key. Other telephone extensions that appear on your M5316 can be used by pressing the appropriate key. It is also used to scroll through setup functions shown on the display and to edit Predial dits. Display shows useful information about your s or features. press the line or intercom key beside the flashing indicator. Lift the handset to speak or press the button to answer the . Ring Again tone: One long and two short pings indicate that the line for which you left a Ring Again request has come free. Tones you hear when using the M5316. Dial tone A continuous tone which means you.

Meridian m5316 telephone manual:

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