Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point This division is staffed by a professional community of realty specialists, appraisers, cartographers, land surveyors, program analysts, and administrative assistants, who provide more than twenty Real Estate products & services desned to support the Fleet, Fhter, and Family. Property. h. NAVFAC P-78. It is the Real Property Inventory Procedures. Manual for the Department of the Navy. It provides descriptions of each data element, as.

NAVFAC Public Works Department Management Guide 2009. Some examples of real estate projects include: · acquiring restrictive easements over land that adjoins installations to protect them from incompatible development in support of the Navy’s encroachment management program; · out-leasing underutilized Navy land and facilities to public and private organizations that provide services that improve service members' quality-of-life · acquiring land or facilities required in support of the warfhter; and · disposing of excess land or facilities no longer required for the Navy mission. This Guide is intended to reinforce policies, procedures and organization across Naval Facilities Engineering Command while providing the.

US Navy benefits From a Composite Application Strategy. - Jacada Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) Documents UFC documents provide planning, desn, construction, sustainment, restoration, and modernization criteria. Manages the billion facility contract process for the Navy. This. aspects of real estate, desn, construction, Navy housing, base operations, base. FIS and SPS, NAVFAC dramatiy reduced the manual effort and time.

MCO P11000.12C W CH 1 Real Property Facilities Manual, Volume. This includes UFC 2-000-05N: Facility Planning for Navy and Marine Corps Shore Installations (formerly known as P-80). Subj Real Property Facilities Manual, Volume II, Facilities Planning and. Programming.4 Procedures For Specialized Site Approvals. 3-10. all excess facilities, including real estate. The MCFPPS also. facility requirements BFR's as categorized by NAVFAC Publication P-72. By comparing.

MCO 11000.12 - The Urban Collaborative Chapter 1 - Introduction Chapter 2 - Authority to Acquire Real Property Chapter 3 - Planning Reports for the Acquisition of Real Property Chapter 4 - Delegation for Acquisition of Permanent Interests Chapter 5 - Advance Optioning Procedures Chapter 6 - Title Evidence, Title Clearance and Closing Chapter 7 - Financing and Payment for Acquisition of Real Property Chapter 8 - Acquisition Policies and Procedures Chapter 9 - Relocation of Cemeteries Chapter 10 - Real Estate Contracting Authority and Responsibility Chapter 11 - Acquisition by Condemnation Proceedings Chapter 12 - Relocation Assistance and Land Acquisition Policies Chapter 13 - Lease of Real Property for Use by DON (includes foren leasing) Chapter 14 - Permits and Transfer of Government-Owned Property to Navy Chapter 15 - Public Lands and Acquisition of Private Interests Chapter 16 - Appraisals Chapter 18 - Responsibility of Real Property Management Chapter 19 - Outleasing Chapter 20 - Licenses and Use Agreements Chapter 21 - Granting of Easements Chapter 22 - Agreements for Special Uses of DON Real Property Chapter 23 - Disposal of Real and Related Personal Property Chapter 24 - Disposal of Foren Real and Related Personal Property Chapter 25 - Annexation by Local Municipalities of DON Lands Chapter 26 - Federal Legislative Jurisdiction over Naval and Marine Corps Areas Within States Chapter 27 - Cadastral Records This publication provides Department of the Navy (DON) procedures and requirements for the acquisition, management and disposal of real property, as well as the maintenance of naval real estate records. Subj REAL PROPERTY FACILITIES MANUAL, FACILITIES PLANNING AND. a The MCFPPS process, including master planning, is under the direction of ADC. UFC-2-000-05N formerly NAVFAC P-80 and Other. estate and facility resources in response to assned missions, functions, and tasks.

UFC 4-911-01N - CiteSeerX The Real Estate Division is responsible for the acquisition, management, and disposal of real estate interests required by the Navy and Marine Corps (fee simple title, leases, easements, etc). Engineering Command NAVFAC, and Air Force Civil Engineer Support. contained in the NAVFAC P-732, Real Estate Procedures Manual.

Supply ashore chapter 7 storage and - Navy Issuances - Defense. Their job is to acquire the correct real estate rhts that match Navy & Marine Corps requirements and effectively manage those rhts. The procedures for maintaining security and custody of keys. furnished in NAVFAC P-73 Real Estate. Handling Manual DoD 4145.19-R-1. This stacking.

MCO P5090.2A, Environmental Compliance and - DoD Natural. Adds a procedure for implementing a waiver for the use of. Defense. r NAVFAC P-73, Chapter 19, "Real Estate Procedural Manual".

NPS Conference Guidelines PDF - Naval Postgraduate School NAVFAC P-73 Real Estate Procedures Manual and NPS INST 11011.2K. In general, it is the President's policy to allow the use of NPS facilities to. Federal and.

MCBO 7010 1B - Quantico Shooting Club F NAVFAC P-73, Real Estate Procedure Manual. g MCO 5760.4C, Procedures and Support for Non-Federal. Entities Authorized to Operate on Marine Corps.

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